Pretty Print Resume

PPResume is here to simplify your life by creating beautifully typeset resumes in minutes.
PPResume Dashboard on iPad Air
State of the Art Typesetting
Each element, from headings and subheadings to bullet points and text alignment, is carefully considered, for the pursuit of pixel perfect
Fine-tuned Typography
Tuning typography like selecting the perfect font, adjusting spacing and alignment, etc. is tedious, leave these nitty gritty details to us
Carefully Crafted Templates
We carefully crafted a collection of templates so you can get a whole new look of your resume by just one click
High Quality PDF Output
PDF is the status quo option if you want to share or print it consistently on all platforms, and yes, we got you covered
Intuitive UI/UX
PPResume will guide you through the boring resume creation process with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard
Highly Customizable
You can customize page margins, color schemes, font sizes and a lot more to make your resume stand out